Keep Kids Away from Fishy Activities

REFOG Free Keystroke Logger is one free tool to keep your kids behavior under control while they’re using your Mac or Windows. For android mobiles you can use android keylogger. By logging their activities and telling your kids straight away about it, REFOG Keystroke Logger will help you keep them away from doing things they know you wouldn’t approve.

Designed for Concerned Parents

REFOG Keylogger is designed for parents concerned about their kids safety on the Internet. By logging all they type on your Mac or Windows recording running applications and logging Web links they visit, REFOG Keystroke Logger will help you catch and prevent certain activities.

REFOG Keystroke Logger is designed for families with young children. The tool helps restricting unwanted activities and supervising the kids while you’re away.

Being Always There

The tool displays a prominent reminder in the system menu near the clock to make your children aware they’re under constant supervision. This alone is often enough to make them think twice about excessive gaming, visiting dubious Web sites or chatting with strangers.

Logs Keystrokes

REFOG Keystroke Logger logs everything being typed on your Mac/Windows. Advanced search and filtering capabilities allow you to quickly locate chat conversations or text typed in certain applications.

Records Games and Apps

The keylogger records all applications being launched and games being played, helping you reveal excessive gaming and control which programs are being used.

Watches System Events

REFOG Keystroke Logger can log users under all user accounts by monitoring most system events such as logon/logoff.